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G.M. Collin Peels 30 mins. $60

PCA Chemical Peels (1-4 layers) $110

PSA, Sensi, Ultra, & Oxy Peels

We use well-tolerated, safe and effective peeling ingredients in our peel solutions. AHA, BHA, TCA and retinoids are used in strategic combinations to address a variety of skin concerns.

Microdermabrasion 45 mins. $100
Face, neck, &

This safe, highly effective skin resurfacing treatment uses a fine steam of micro-crystals to quickly exfoliate and polish the skin. It lightens hyperpigmentation and age spots, refines lines and wrinkles, minimizes stretch marks and reduces the visibility of sun damage and acne scars.

Custom Facial + Microdermabrasion 60 mins. $135

Two perfectly customized treatments to revitalize your skin, restore radiance and minimize the signs of aging.

CooLifting Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatment $140

Comes with Gylcolic Peel (45 minute treatment)

Look younger in 5 minutes! No side effects or downtime. This non-invasive state of the art treatment combines a cold CO2 gas flow with high pressure and a hyaluronic acid solution. The effects are both immediate and long lasting. Suitable for all skin types and ages. Learn More

CooLifting + Facial + Microdermabrasion
65 mins. $220 | First time clients enjoy 20% off!


Brow $18

Brow and Lip $28

Lip, Chin, or Cheek $15

Face $40

Half Arm $30

Full Arm $50

Under Arm $25

Back $65

Bikini $50

French Bikini $60

Brazilian Bikini $70

Half Leg $60

Full Leg $75

Chest $60


Puracne Oxygen Facial 60 mins. $100

Unique oxygenating clinical treatment for oily

or acne prone skin. Formulated with AHA, BHA

(2% salicylic acid) and a technologically advanced oxygen complex.

Rosacea Facial 60 mins. $100

Cooling seaweed and organic silicon mask create radiance by hydrating, soothing, decongesting and minimizing redness.

Hydrolifting Facial 60 mins. $100

This anti-aging "instant radiance" treatment provides immediate lifting, firming, and hydration to restore the skin's youthful appearance.

Collagen Facial 60 mins. $120

Recommended for deep wrinkles and hormonal changes. This unique skin regenerating concept combines pure, natural collagen with biotechnological formulations for an ageless look.

Vitamin C Facial 60 mins. $100

For all skin types. Antioxidant and anti-aging treatment derived from marine and botanical extracts. 100% Vitamin C and organic mud provide instant skin renewal by stimulation collagen and elastin.

Ultrasonic Facial 60 mins. $100

A gentle procedure for a powerful skin renewal. The perfect non-invasive tool to reduce wrinkles, clear blemishes manage rosacea, relieve dehydration, control hyperpigmentation and promote healthy skin and tone.

CryoClear Spot Treatment 10 mins.

1 spot $40 / 3 spots $100

Gently freezes dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin to treat age spots, sun spots, and skin tags.

Men’s Facial 60 mins. $100

Teen Facial 45 mins. $80

Purifying Back Facial 60 mins. $100


Brow $20

Eyelash $30